What makes us Spirited?
My name is Andrea and I run SpiritedChild from my home in Zurich, Switzerland.
with the help of my sister, Rachael based the UK. 
SpiritedChild specialises in ethically handmade sustainable products.  We provide eco-friendly products for families that are creative, fun and practical.  We are proud that our products help to reduce waste consumption and offer unique alternatives.
Everything is designed and made by me using high-quality materials sourced in Switzerland and Europe.  Rachael is in charge of the back office, managing the admin and keeping my creative mind organised.
Spiritedchild began simply from my children's love of drawing. In 2014, I designed and created Fabric Washable Colouring Mats since I did not like wasting copious amount of paper.  Our Colouring range has expanded enormously to include Wipe Clean Colouring mats, Washable Fabric Mats, Books, Bags & Pouches
Reducing paper waste was our first goal and since then SpiritedChild has successfully evolved and developed products that reduce waste and offer customisable eco-friendly products for the whole family.
Our best selling products this year have been undoubtedly Fabrics Snacks bags and Beeswax wraps.  To date, we have sold over 2000 reusable snack bags.  I am proud to know that people have made a POSITIVE impact on the environment by using less plastic bags and switching to our fabric reusables.  This is a small positive change to a larger worldwide problem but it is challenging our views and behaviour on plastic use and waste.
We are proud that our products help educate families on more sustainable ways for children to be creative,  use fabrics sourced within Europe free from harmful chemicals and plastic-free food storage solutions.
I welcome your custom requests and feedback so feel free to email me directly here.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my work!
Made in Switzerland to inspire creativity, sustainability and fun 
Please note all our items are handmade to order.  Therefore dispatch within 10 days of your order.  We are happy to fast track items.  Please contact us for priority shipping.

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