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Spiritedchild specializes in ethically handmade sustainable productsUsing the very best European Öko-Tex Approved or GOTS certified fabrics and unique designs, we provide eco-friendly products for families that are creative, fun and practical.  I am proud that our products help to reduce waste consumption and offer unique alternatives. 

Nestled in the hills of Zurich Pfannenstiel, Spiritedchild began simply from my children's love of colouring. In 2014, I designed and created fabric Washable Colouring Mats to stop wasting copious amount of paper.  Over the years my colouring range expanded enormously to include Wipe Clean Colouring mats, Washable Books, Bags & Pouches.  

From then on reducing waste was my goal and since then SpiritedChild has successfully evolved and developed products that not only reduce waste, they are customizablepractical and sustainable.

Spiritedchild's best selling products are the Fabrics Snacks bags and Beeswax wraps.  To date, I have made over 5000 reusable snack bags.  I am proud to know that people chose to make a positive impact on the environment by using less plastic bags and switching to my reusables.  


I am proud that my products help educate families on more sustainable ways for children to be creative,  use fabrics free from harmful chemicals and use plastic-free food storage solutions.

I love to work with you on creating something unique.  If you require something custom made with a specific design or fabric please contact me directly here 

Come and join in on the fun in the Facebook page.  With over 2000 wonderfully engaged followers it is a fantastic community of like-minded people who have come together over their love for all things handmade and sustainable.  

Thank you for visiting Spiritedchild!

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