Are you looking for a unique gift -housewarming gift, end of a year teacher gift, wedding gift or a birthday? What about the gift of sustainability?


Sustainability is not just a trend but a new way of thinking. Perhaps people are curious and don’t know where to start. Here we are offering an example of our best sellers in a gift box. Perfect for families aiming for eco-friendly zero waste home.


Each box gift pack size has a selection of our sustainable gifts - Beeswax wraps or kits, UnSponges, UnPaper Rolls, Snack Bags and more. You can mix and match or contact us directly to tell us what you want. 

Make an impact on the environment change and switch to reusables.

Sustainable Gift Pack

Fabric Colours
  • Choose your gift pack size:


    Small - Beeswax wrap DIY kit 50g with 2 randomly selected fabrics OR 1 Medium ready made Beeswax wrap, 2 x UnSponges, small snack bag


    Medium - Beeswax wrap DIY kit 100g with 3 randomly selected fabrics OR 2 Medium ready made Beeswax wraps, 2 x UnSponges, Small snack bag, Unpaper Roll 6 pcs


    Large - Beeswax wrap DIY kit 200g with 4 randomly selected fabrics OR 2 Medium and 1 Small ready made Beeswax wraps, 2 x UnSponges, Scrappy Duster, Unpaper Roll 12 pcs and a Small Snack Bag


    Saving the World - Beeswax wrap DIY kit 250g with 5 randomly selected fabrics OR 1 Large 1 Medium and 1 Small ready made Beeswax wraps, 2 x UnSponges, Scrappy Duster, Unpaper Roll 12 pcs, Facial Rounds, Small and Large Snack Bag and Large Bread Sack.


    Please note the box is not included.  If you wish to include a box contact us drectly to arrange


All our items are handmade therefore your items will be sent within 5 working days  Please contact us directly for priority shipping.

Gift Certificates

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