Make your own Beeswax Wraps with our Spiritedchild special wax blend! 


Beeswax wraps keep food fresh and are an alternative to plastic or aluminium foil for food.   Use for bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables or use to cover an open bowl.


Our beeswax blocks are ready to go! Perfect for fellow crafters and fabric horders.  Follow our step-by-step instructions using our Handmade Beeswax blend and you can create your own beeswax fabric wraps at home. The hardest part of creating the wraps, is getting the formula right!  We have developed this blend over time, customers always comment on how our wax wraps stick better and last longer.  All you need to do is melt the wax blend down, choose your fabric and away you go! Our full instructions tell you all you need to know to make your wraps.


A great gift for yourself or a friend, and fundraising projects.


What's inside the block?


Each block has been made with a specially blended recipe of 100% Organic European beeswax, natural tree resin and Organic jojoba oil. This combination of ingredients allows for a malleable and reuseable wrap, which is 100% sustainable and compostable. 

Make an impact on the environment change and switch to reusables.


Check out our FAQ's for more information

SpiritedChild 250g Beeswax Wrap Making Kit

  • Each kit contains ready made blocks of our special beeswax wrap blend, wrapped in one of our unwaxed mini wraps, and a detailed instruction sheet.  In addition you will need:


    • 100% Cotton fabric including quilters and poplin (Organic and lightweight is best.  Avoid heavy fabrics such as canvas)
    • An oven
    • Something to protect your hands
    • Pan to heat water and clean glass jar to make a double boiler
    • A baking tray and parchment paper
    • Clean paint brush

    Approx 80 wraps (25x25 cm) can be madewith 250g SpiritedChild Beeswax Wrap Blocks.  Please note fabric is not included in the kit. 


    Our kit can be used as a top up kit to keep your wraps going strong for years! As your coating on the wraps wears down it can be topped up with the kit with the same method but less wax! By following our instructions the high heat from the oven will also sterilize the food wrap and the Jojoba oil acts as an antibacterial agent. 


    Check out our FAQ's for more information.



    Wraps are washable and can be cleaned in the kitchen sink with dish detergent and warm water (avoid hot water).  They should not be machine washed since this will destroy the beeswax.  Beeswax wraps are not recommended for raw meats or liquids.


    Wraps will last up to a year with recommended care and can be composted after use.  After a year, creased and otherwise worn looking wraps can be re-waxed.


    PLEASE NOTE: This kit is not recommended for children to do alone - Hot Wax!  However, older children may enjoy helping adults and in turn is a great opportunity to teach them about reusable products.

All our items are handmade therefore your items will be sent within 5 working days  Please contact us directly for priority shipping.

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