Replace your disposable kitchen paper with our lovingly Handmade zero waste alternative.   Our Handy Cloths are made with 2 layers of super absorbant cotton in fabulous Spirited fabrics. 

Perfect for cleaning little faces and hands, replace baby wipes or use them for personal care. They come with a water resistant bag to take them on the go. 

All our Handy Cloths can be washed at 60 degrees. 
You will receive 6 pieces (7 x7 ins) plus a handy bag. Prints chosen at random - please indicate gender at checkout!! 
Perfect for families aiming for eco-friendly cleaning or a zero waste home. They also make great house warming gifts for eco-conscious friends!
Make an impact on the environment change and switch to reusables.
FABRIC OPTIONS - Choose your own fabric design from our fabric options here or let us pick for you.

Handy Cloths & travel bag

  • Each unpaper roll contains 12 Cottons sheets of 2ply fabric and is approximately 23cm x 30cm.


    UnPaper Rolls will last longer if you rinse after use.  Wash with your regular laundry and finish by air drying or tumble drying on a low heat.  They can be washed at 60 degrees.

    When your unpaper reaches the end of it's useful life (up to 2 years depending on use) you can recycle it at any fabric bank or cut it into small pieces and compost it.

All our items are handmade therefore your items will be sent within 5 working days  Please contact us directly for priority shipping.

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