Keep your car/stroller seat straps clean and dry with these suck pads (aka drool pads, teething pads, or strap covers).

These strap covers will protect your carrier straps and allow your baby something to chew on especially while they are teething.

Foxes on a Turquoise backgorund from Makower Fabrics

Foxes on Turquoise Round Slip on Strap Covers

  • Backed with super absorbent terry cloth. Biased edge and topstitched for extra durability. These are slip on strap covers. They can be easily washed with the rest of your baby's clothes.

    Choose your size:

    2" - 3" strap width 

    3" - 4" strap width 

    Custom strap width: If your straps are more than 4" wide (eg: Kinderpack) please leave a note on your order with your measurements.

All our items are handmade therefore your items will be sent within 5 working days  Please contact us directly for priority shipping.

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